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About Us ?

Fantasik is a young French interactive agency based in Beijing (China) born in 2009 from his French manager Mickael Matry's will to provide higher quality services compare to the web agencies currently present in China and support our clients in their strategy for online communication.


We have developed three major specialties :

Fantasik with its strong team of specialists can help you to increase your online visibility, factor of a quick return on investment

Each case is unique, so we decided to develop all our projects from A to Z in both programming and designing, without using a consumer type CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Spip ... which are the "cash cows" of unscrupulous agencies. We prefer to provide a handmade CMS tailored to suit your needs.

This method allows us to better determine your needs and obtain the best results in terms of SEO, loading time, optimizing the overall size of the website, graphics rendering, navigation, updates and security for your web application.

"A well-structured website is a website well referenced ..."

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